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N E W  has a VISION  -- N E W  is building for the future
We open up new supply routes in order to act and react more flexibly to crisis situations and price dictates.

LNG – Liquefied natural gas – could become a future energy alternative for supplying the European heating and fuel markets.
This product’s environmental friendliness is an important factor in an environment that faces an increasingly heavy burden of pollutants.
Technical and logistics aspects must be developed for market entry in order to deliver this highly-efficient product onto the market.

GTL – Gas to liquid – is another important alternative for action that would create hope for simplified operational capability of LNG.

Our associate PGU Energy Inc., New York will take on an important role as a supplier and bridge for LNG/GTL and oil
and closely interconnect the supply chain with the source.
PGU will be the exporter from the producing countries and, together with 
and  will assume a position as a direct marketing outlet for energy producers.
E L E C T R I C I T Y - S T A T I O N S are also being considered as a drive alternative.
Together with wants to offer this product for car drivers at suitable locations. Maybe even in your town or community!
We would love to hear from you if you are interested.

Contracting – NEW as a system operator and organizer of all-round service;
with these energy supply models, the consumer can sit back
and take advantage of efficient energy production/heat supply without
excessive financial strain caused by high one-time investment expenditures.

N E W – Supply region
We are able to offer our services primarily in Germany[1] as well as in neighboring European countries after detailed arrangements.